Uma Balan

Carreer Coach

Uma Balan has a Science, Commerce and Management background. She has worked as a Systems Engineer and her IT knowledge and experience has built a strong foundation for growth in her career. She has experienced the
paradigm shift in education over the years, having functioned as a Head of Department, Headmistress, Deputy
Director, Project Manager (Training), Head-Training and Development and is trained as a Career Coach. Uma’s
training include areas of Pedagogy, Life Skills, English Communication and Cyber Safety. She has contributed
extensively towards building strategic relationships for the organizations where she has worked.
Uma has taught in an International School for sixteen years, dealing with students of 54 nationalities. As a Head of
Department, she has vast experience of the IGCSE, A-Levels and IB curriculum and designed the ICT syllabus for the
Middle School. Her proficiency in formulating polices for syllabus preparation, assessment methods and discipline
is worth mentioning. Uma was the Class Tutor for the IGCSE grades for fourteen years. She was the Partnership
Tutor for the SfE (London) Online training program, wherein she tutored the school teachers in different subject
As Head-Training and Development, Uma has taken complete responsibility right from the training needs analysis
and content preparation to conducting trainings for the group of 12 schools. The MIS reports were analyzed on a
monthly basis. Uma also coordinated and conducted Meets for Principals and Academic Coordinators as well as
Inter-School events. She has developed content for the trainings and has also conducted trainings through VSAT.
As the Project Manager (Training) in an NGO, Uma has been the Implementation partner with organizations like
CBSE, EQFI, NIOS, SCERT, IGNOU, MSDF, Infosys, Google, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft (for School Leaders), British
Council, Adobe, HP Life, Honda for school development.
Few of Uma’s assignments include:
Uma has conducted Quality assessment of schools as part of the EQFI project, being part of a team of qualified
assessors, supporting in implementing quality initiatives or criteria to achieve business excellence in school
governance. She did analysis and suggested corrective action.
For Citi Bank, Uma has conducted workshops for students to develop their skills as Entrepreneurs. An important
component of these workshops being “Developing Spoken English Skills”.
In the Google project, she has coordinated and conducted Cyber Security workshops for Google Web Rangers i.e.
school students, Pan India and conducting these workshops for Delhi University students.
For Infosys Uma was the Project Lead for NILE (National Institute for Leaders in Education) Awards and
coordinated with School Leaders Pan India.
Uma has been the National Program Manager and CBSE Master Trainer for the CBSE project responsible for the
creation and implementation of 25 programs, empanelled by CBSE for conducting various capacity Building
Programs for Heads of School, Teachers and Students of CBSE affiliated Schools.
For British Council, as an Education Consultant she has done Training Needs Analysis and conducted workshops in
schools. Uma is a certified IELTS Trainer by British Council, Delhi and has conducted training of all Associates of a
Branded International Hotel, for enhancing their skills in spoken English.
Uma’s skills are summed up as:
* Education Specialist: Uma has experience of both the National and the International curriculum and been the IT
Head in an International School. As a Head of School and Deputy Director, she has worked on the development of
schools including the making and implementation of their policies.
* Mentor: Uma has mentored teachers empowering them right from the planning to implementation stage guiding
them for good classroom practices as well as integration of technology into the curriculum.
* Trainer/ Facilitator: Uma is a passionate trainer of English, Life Skills, Pedagogy, IT and Cyber Security and
conducted training for all stakeholders of schools PAN India, college students of Delhi University and corporate
Being a sincere and passionate Educator, Uma Balan is keen to both learn and impart knowledge gained through
her experience! She is open to collaborating with Schools, NGOs, Individuals and Corporates as well, for
Social Media Handles: