Tanishq Sheikh

Founder Director Teacher's Lounge

Tanishq Sheikh, is the founder-Director of Teacher’s Lounge, a Mumbai based teacher training and curriculum designing company.

She has more two decades of experience in the field of education with more than twelve years exclusively in preschool education.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Sophia College (Mumbai University), an Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma from Podar Institute of Education (Mumbai), a Diploma in Educational Administration and Management from Asian College of Teachers and a Certificate in Education Administration and Management from College of Brimingham (Online).

She started her career as an English and Social Studies teacher with the Indian Language School at Lagos, Nigeria. She followed it up with a career as a graphics and animation artist and a content writer for Creative Images, India. She later went on to work as a Curriculum Designer for Boston’s Cyberkids and worked as a Product Manager for Mindstorm Infotech to create multimedia resources for young children.

After a brief hiatus for motherhood, she joined Podar Jumbo Kids and Podar Institute of Education, Santacruz East, as the Centre Manager. It was here that she honed her expertise in early childhood education.

In her bid to combine her writing skills with her profession, she established her own company in 2016 through which she offers preschool curriculum design, consultancy and training.

She has also worked as an International Trainer in association with National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), a UK based charity, for a period of two years to offer Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum framework guidance and training to preschools and individuals in India.

She is a committed and passionate educationist who aims to guide teachers and students alike towards a modernistic and minimalistic style of education.

It is her dream to establish an open dialogue platform for teachers from the world over that encourages a healthy give and take of ideas.

Besides the field of education, she is a versatile writer. She writes articles, blogs and books across platforms. She is a successful author of three full-length books that are available on global platforms. She also offers freelancing editing services to publishing houses.

Here are a few views she stands by:

Ø Every child deserves to explore and define their own learning journey.

Ø If we adults are willing, we can be equal partners in a child's learning journey and not a leading partner.

Ø A teacher must be willing to learn along with their student.

Ø Teachers must read, research, rediscover and upgrade their skills - both personal and professional to make a viable difference in the lives of their students.

Ø Believe in yourself for others to believe in you.

Currently she runs Teacher’s Lounge India via her Facebook page and group:

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