Sunitha Srivastava

Founder Principal, VLS International School, Bangalore

"Mrs Sunitha Srivastava is currently working in the capacity of a Founder
Principal for an ICSE School, in Bengaluru. She is armed with MA(English) a
B.Ed, a Diploma in Education Management and Administration from TESOL,
along with CIDTL. She had undergone a lot of training on various topics, in
the interest of the students. She comes with an experience of more than two
decades in the education space. She has taught different age groups and
evolved a highly effective teaching technique which caters to the need of the
learners of various temperaments and believes that the children learn better
when there is strong bondage and personalized coaching. She has tried and
tested Multiple Intelligence strategy, active and collaborative learning and
seen immense improvement in students’ engagement in classroom.
She has won prizes for Innovative Teaching Presentation, Written review for
International Grammar Publications, conducted several training for teachers,
conceptualized mega events and executed it. She was also the Guest Editor
for The Times of India, Students’ Edition. Written articles for educational
magazines and also a writer on Quora.
She has a strong believe that if the students are given exposure in the right
direction, their ability to think in a novel way would increase. She also
believes in experiential learning and sensitizing the children with the issues
which are not generally discussed. In her leadership position, she has
introduced various projects for different age groups and has understood the
benefits which they would be reaping in the coming days. She believes that
there is a long way to go with the changing trend of education in India and
abroad. She sees technology at the forefront.
She was in different leadership positions as an HoD, Co-Ordinator and
Principal. Her experiences range from State, CBSE and ICSE and
International Teaching methodology. She believed in democratic leadership
and empowering the next line of leaders. She also believes in inclusive
administration and includes all the stakeholders of the institution whenever
it is feasible.
“Challenges are the testing tools; we need to embrace it, if we want to know
our own hidden area of excellence.” - Sunitha Srivastava"