Josianne Pissani

Teacher Trainer in Europe

I began my journey in the ESL industry in the year 2000 teaching fluency classes and am Cambridge trained. Since then, I have thought on academic courses, prepared students for FCE, CAE and the International Foundation Year undergraduate program offered in partnership with NCC Education UK, tutored on TEFL courses, and am currently a teacher trainer.

As a teacher trainer, I run various methodology courses for teachers worldwide who come from various sectors including those in primary, secondary and higher education. Courses I run include Methodology for Secondary and Higher Level teaching, CLIL as well as ICT Skills and Technology enhanced Learning. Additionally, I have co-authored a course in Methodology for the Primary Classroom and authored another linking methodology and theories for Pre-school Learners.

I am particularly passionate about writing, use of technology in the classroom and education related to Specific Learning Differences.

On a personal level, I enjoy travelling and exploring new avenues. My philosophy of life is that we can never know enough; we can never see enough.